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Last year, it was already announced that EuChemS will restyle its newsletters, meaning that the Brussels News Updates (BNU) and Chemistry in Europe would cease to exist at the beginning of this year. At the same time, a new newsletter called EuChemS Magazine, has been...

IUPAC Elections for the 2024-2025 Term

Every two years, IUPAC holds an election for its officers and committee members. Any qualified individual who is interested in being nominated is invited to contact his/her National Adhering Organization (NAO) and/or the current committee officers. Details on the call...

Call for Abstracts for IUPAC|CHAINS is now open

IUPAC | CHAINS 2023 – Chains beyond the molecular frontier https://iupac2023.org/ Call for Abstracts is now open. Do you have an idea for a talk at IUPAC|CHAINS 2023? Or do you want to present a poster about your research? Submit your ideas now! We are pleased to...

IUPAC Announces the 2022 Top Ten Emerging Technologies in Chemistry

Research Triangle Park, NC, USA, 18 October 2022: The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) has released the results of the search for the 2022 Top Ten Emerging Technologies in Chemistry. The goal of this project is to showcase the transformative...


Finnish Chemical Societies

Dear members of EuChemS Member Societies and Professional Networks,

During these difficult times, I am pleased to share with you information about the ongoing and upcoming EuChemS activities:

  • Currently, three EuChemS calls are opened:
    • Nomination for President Elect (deadline: Friday 13 May 2022)
      The call for nominations for the role of EuChemS President Elect (Vice-President) are open. The President Elect will take office for one year in January 2023 and succeed Professor Floris Rutjes as EuChemS President in January 2024 for 3 years. As of 2027, the candidate will serve for two more years as Past-President (Vice-President).
    • EuChemS Fellowship Scheme – ECC8 Grant (deadline: Tuesday 07 June 2022)
      This fellowship scheme is to support bachelor, masters and PhD students who actively attend the EuChemS Chemistry Congresses.
    • European Young Chemists’ Award – EYCA (deadline: Thursday 30 June 2022)
      This award aims showcase and recognise the excellent research being carried out by young scientists working in chemistry. PhD students and Early Careers researchers are invited send in their nominations.

  • We released the EuChemS Yearbook 2021
    You are invited to download this free publication which highlights the many accomplishments of our community in science, policy areas, and science communication. It also looks back on the various meetings and events, and proudly presents the winners of several EuChemS awards.

  • The first issue in 2022 of the Chemistry in Europe newsletter is now online
    It includes an editorial from Klaus Kümmerer and his team oriented on science policy, articles about the most recent developments on omics, cancer and chemistry research, an interview with Dame Carol Robinson (2022 European Chemistry Gold Medal), a column from Floris Rutjes (EuChemS President) on the ‘Stick to Science’ initiative, and many other interesting scientific and policy contributions. It is now available on our website!

We are organising the science policy workshop ‘The Nitrogen Element – Sustainable food production?’ and you are kindly invited to register for this event. The purpose of the webinar is to answer key questions such as: How does ammonia production fit within the planetary nitrogen cycle at the basis of nutrition? To what extent can the impact of ammonia production be reduced without compromising food production? Are there alternatives to the Haber-Bosch process and at what costs? Can we promote the sustainable use of this essential element?  

  • The European Chemistry Congress (#ECC8) in Lisbon from 28 August to 1 September 2022
    ECC8 is being built under the unifying theme of Chemistry the Central Science, focusing on the central role of chemistry at the interfaces with biology, material, and environmental sciences, both for the progress of humankind and for the solution of fundamental problems of modern societies. We are looking forward to safely meeting you all there!
  • EuChemS statement on Ukraine
    EuChemS expresses solidarity with the people of Ukraine in this difficult period. We strive for peaceful collaboration, exchange of scientific knowledge and opinions across national borders and cultures, and call upon local, European, and global leaders to stop unnecessary violence. Please see also LinkedIn Group “Chemists for Ukraine”.

  • Most recent AsiaChem magazine now out
    In the newest issue of AsiaChem magazine, amongst many other articles, you can learn about chemistry and Japan, get to know Eiichi Nakamura and Prof. Ryōji Noyori through interviews with Ehud Keinan who also wrote the editorial, and hear about Science Diplomacy. The magazine of our Asian colleagues is available for free download.

  • News from ECTN
    Continuous Professional Development is crucial in #STEM. In order to improve subject-specific teaching practices, the Faculty of Chemistry at Jagiellonian University in Krakow coordinates a 3-year CPD project.

For more information about I would like to invite you to follow us on Social Networks (FacebookYouTubeTwitter and LinkedIn), visit our website and subscribe to our newsletters. You are also welcomed to disseminate this email within your network as you see fit.

Kind regards,

Dr. Nineta Hrastelj, FRSC


European Chemical Society (EuChemS)