September Newsletters 2021

EuChemS Brussels News Updates, September 2021

EuChemS Newsletter Chemistry In Europe-2021-3

NEWSLETTER       Editorial Slavica Ražić Chair of EuChemS Division of Analytical Chemistry and member of the EuChemS Executive Board  Péter G. Szalay Chair of EuChemS Division of Computational and Theoretical Chemistry and member of the EuChemS...

August Newsletters 2021

EuChemS Brussels News Updates, August 2021                       On 8 July 2021, ECHA integrated 8 new chemical substances to its Candidate List. The list contains substances of high concern that may harm humans...


Finnish Chemical Societies


Chemistry Days (Kemian Päivät), the largest meeting of its kind in the Nordic countries is arranged semiannually by the Finnish Chemical Society together with other societies. Chemistry Days consist of seminars both for professionals and general audience as well as ChemBio Finland exhibition and other program arranged together with The Chemical Industry Federation of Finland (Kemianteollisuus ry) and Finnish Bioindustries FIB (Suomen Bioteollisuus ry).