Chemistry in Europe 2022-3

The third edition of the 2022 Chemistry in Europe.

August Newsletters

August 2022 issue of the Brussels News Updates

EFCE e-newsletter August 2022

Latest issue: August 2022 Highlights in the newsletter include: a report from the latest Spotlight Talks webinar series, held in April a look ahead to the upcoming DECHEMA Jahrestagung, together with the 13th ESBES symposium, in September plans for the second European...

July Newsletters

July 2022 issue of the Brussels News Updates (BNU)   The 2022 Science, Research and Innovation Performance (SRIP) report was released by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation on 5 July. The SRIP releases every 2 years to...


Finnish Chemical Societies

Finnish Chemical Society

Finnish Chemical Society was founded in 1919 and it is one of the largest scientific societies in Finland.
Finnish Chemical Society has nine local sub-societies geographically covering whole Finland as well as 14 sections in different fields of chemistry.
The society arranges annually several meetings.

Aims and objectives

  • The central purpose of the Finnish Chemical Society is to advance the recognition of chemistry in co-operation with the operators in chemical industry and universities.
  • Finnish Chemical Society provides a strong networking opportunity to chemists and chemical engineers and supports the development of know-how among practitioners.
  • Finnish Chemical Society supports students majoring in chemistry from the freshman stage on and also provides a wide network of active members that can help the young chemists when moving to work career.
  • Finnish Chemical Society invests in the development of high quality education in chemistry on all levels.

Chemistry Days

Chemistry Days (Kemian Päivät), the largest meeting of its kind in the Nordic countries is arranged semiannually by the Finnish Chemical Society together with other societies. Chemistry Days consist of seminars both for professionals and general audience as well as ChemBio Finland exhibition and other program arranged together with The Chemical Industry Federation of Finland (Kemianteollisuus ry) and Finnish Bioindustries FIB (Suomen Bioteollisuus ry).



For full members of the society applicants are required to have at least masters degree in chemistry while university students majoring in chemistry are eligible as young membership.


Why become a member?

• You will have the opportunity to participate in our activities.
• You will receive Kemia-Kemi journal.
• You will have the opportunity to network with other chemistry professionals.
• Get the latest news and information about chemistry and develop your professional skills.